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About the Blog

This is space for me to write about my interests and hobbies. What are they? In no particular order:

About May

My formal work:

My Resume.


I’m pursuing my Master of Information Studies with concentration on Libraries and Records Management. I will be graduating in June 2010.

I work part time providing reference services at Scholarsportal with OCUL and at the Engineering and Computer Science Library at the University of Toronto libraries.

A little history:

I spent nearly 7 years working as a programmer in the Financial Industry working at the top bank on Wall* street in New York City. My department was client web and my specialty was database design. Though I do admit I did a lot of programming in perl. I was also a Manager, a Project Manager and a Vice President.

After a move back to Toronto in 2005, I started working freelance as a web designer. I wanted specifically to do work that’s more esthetically creative and work on the front end. It’s been challenging and interesting and gives me lots of chances to learn.

My informal work:

I love to be creative and I spend a lot of time working on my handiwork: Cross-Stitch, Knitting and other explorations of creativity. I like to spend more time creating designs of my own.

*My company headquarters was actually on Broad Street.

The formal education:


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